1. I love this adventurous song. It kinda sounds like Thai music and wish I was 21 all over again.

  2. At 21, music is powerful. Today music is like eating a bland meal. As far as heart goes, I’ve known too much, seen too much and the heart isn’t the same anymore…. 😉

  3. Hi TheQuipster, Music is still as powerful today as it was at age 21, but at age 21 we’re easily moved, and anything was possible, now reality finally sink in, the sky that we once thought was the limit, we now know that was just an innocent way of looking at life because human have limitation. As far as the heart goes, don’t let too much knowledge ruin the image of life because life is what you make of it…just enjoy life, live for the moment if you will, that’s what someone once told me anyway.

    Hi Amphone, I visited NYC September of 2006 and I once posted these photos at the old Laoplanet photo gallery, but it’s gone now. When I posted the photos last year, Darly and I spoke about meeting there this week, but it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen, she might have forgotten about it by now.

  4. ดูครบสามรอบพอดี เพลงสนุกดี ฟังแล้วอยากขับรถไปเรื่อยๆในที่แปลกๆตา คงสนุกและมีความสุขอย่างทริปนี้ครับ ..

  5. Hi Wutthiphan, if you’ve not been to NYC I think you’d love it; it’s a different world from Southern Laos that you had recently visited. You’d blend right in since you’re living in Bangkok.

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