Strange Things Lao/Thai People Do On Their Birthday


My mind is a bit clogged up today, as I was sitting here thinking about a good topic to write, then I received a phone call from my GI Joe sister, she’d normally call me, to tell me about her son, or about her business, which me on the other end would only listen and say, ‘Yes, Uhuh…’. She calls me because I’m a good listener, never once did I disagree with her.

Our conversation started with, more like her telling me, ‘I think I told you last week that I called the Thai TV and got connected.’ I vaguely remember the conversation, and of her telling me that, so I said ‘Yes you did, it was that channel about the horoscope or something like that.’

She said, ‘Yes, I was so surprised that I got connected, and had to turn the TV down low, I was only able to ask the lady 2 questions.’ She paused to catch her breath then continued, ‘I started to ask her about my son, and she told me that he is doing great, and that my husband date of birth helps to enhance his career, but on his birthday, for him to release 8 fish for good luck.’

I’m still saying ‘Yes, Uhuh….Uhuh….that’s great….really?…..Wow’

She continued, ‘I told him to go buy 8 fish and to release them in the lake or the ocean, but he has to make sure that the types of fish that he’s buying is for the right types of water that he’s releasing the fish into, otherwise instead of Tum Boun (good deed), then it’d be Tum Barp (commit sin).’

I though for a moment, because I remember hearing a news similar to this where a boy took a turtle from the zoo, and released it in the wrong types of water, the turtle died, but the boy didn’t know, he thought he was doing a good deed and helped to set the turtle free; then I said, ‘That makes sense, where would he buy these fish?’

She said, ‘They sell them in Chinatown, or any pet store’, I keep thinking to myself, such a waste of money, in the back of my mind, I’m still thinking about the topic to write for LP.

Then I thought of something, it wouldn’t hurt for me to ask, I said ‘If he doesn’t have any place to release his fish, he can buy them at Pet Smarts and come to releasing them in my pond.’

Surprisingly she likes the idea, she went on and said ‘That’s great, you know my birthday is coming up also, and they told me to release 17 fish, plus 43 snails, and my husband has to release 17 fish.’

I pause for a moment, I keep thinking to myself, I already have 6 coi fish and 12 comets, and if her son is releasing 8 next week, and her 17 next month, and her husband 17 the following month, and not counting the 43 snails on top of that, I’m not sure if my pond can handle that.

There were a long pause on the line, she obviously waiting for my reply, which didn’t take me that long to decide, I told her ‘I think it’d work, the fish and snails should be very happy in my pond’

She said, ‘Wow, why didn’t I think of that before, see we are Tum Boun together, we’ll be releasing the fish for good luck, and you’ll help taking care of them.’

I’m not sure if that’s a smart move on my part or not, but since her family is Tum Boun, I couldn’t decline on the offer, for I have nothing to loose….Kor Hai Jouh Parp Jung Ja Lern (May her family be prosperous)

I’m not sure what’s going to happen next year or the year after…Do I need a bigger pond?