Siar Saming…Gruang Dong (Tiger That Is Haunted By Evil Spirit or Demon) – Part I

This is based on a real life story in Koosang Koosom Magazine, told by Nye Pran Kao written in Thai Language, translated by Ginger.

If I’m just mentioning ‘Tiger’, I probably don’t have to go into detail; we all know what it is and what it looks like. You can see from photos or even visit your local zoo, but Siar Saming, or loosely translated as ‘tiger that is haunted by evil spirits or demons’; most of you might think that’s crazy. What does one look like? Well, pretty much just like an average tiger but what is special or different is that it is believed to have evil spirits or demons, and it can turn into any shapes or forms as it wishes because Siar Saming is a tiger that ate countless human; therefore the ghostly spirit of its victims would take turn to control the tiger, might change the tiger into, assuming a young man (one of the victims’ spirit that’s haunting the tiger at the time, or it can change to anyone, doesn’t have to be a dead person), then he’d visit his family members and made them believe that it’s him (looks like him, talks like him, so must be him, right?); then when opportunity arise changes back to a tiger and would eat them. This is the story that has passed down from generation to generation; if you were living in Thailand or ever been there, then you might have heard the story, you could say it is a legend.

This is a story told by the writer…

The story that I’m about to tell you was told by Pran Thou (hunter Thou) of Banh Gruang Dong (village in the middle of forest), which I stayed for 3-4 nights, and when it’s dark, there were not a lot to do except sitting by the bon fire and telling stories. Pran Thou is about 70 years old, and was once a Pran (hunter), but has no energy now due to his health, so he is mainly an advisee to the younger Prans (hunters). He mainly would tell them stories that he had encountered while hunting, and this time was a story of Siar Saming, which he was only 16 years old at the time. He was with his dad, sitting on top of Ta Bag Tree, on a tree-stand that his dad made out of tree branches. It was in the deep part of the jungle of Pha Gruang Dong.

He said at the time, there was a huge tiger, footprints the size of a big bowl of rice noodle (bowl of fer, about 8-10 inches in diameter), it was believed to be an old tiger, and came in the village to eat buffaloes, which angry the villagers, and they went after him, and sadly this tiger ate many. Some farmers were also victim of this beast, while working or tending to their farm, which made the villagers very fearful, and as soon as nightfall, they’d stay inside, with windows and doors shut. Often times, they’d see that tiger roaming outside, eating what ever it could find, whether it was pigs, dogs, buffaloes, or even human, and the village seemed haunted and gloomy.

Pran Thu said, ‘My dad took me to hunt because we had the need to, if we stayed at home, we’d starve to death. My dad was confident of his skill, and never once missed his targets. His hunting riffle also has Yant (blessed by Monh or black magic) in it, which he never once missed dangerous animals or ones that were haunted by evil spirits or demons. This particular hunting riffle is currently with me.’

As he was telling the story, he then held up that riffle to show us, it was truly a classic, very old looking, he then continued telling his story, ‘This riffle is the one that killed Siar Saming (demon tiger), I saw him shot and killed right in front of me.’

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