The Stop!Watch Method To Curb Food Cravings

Believe or not that when we have a craving for something, such as certain desert or food, that the feeling only stays with us for 8-14 minutes, and if we can control ourselves from not eating, then the craving feeling will go away. A study done by Dr. Jana Klauer, with her book called, How The Rich Get Thin, gives advice on how we can control our eating habits.





It is called The Stop!Watch method to curb food cravings: any craving can be stopped within just 15 minutes, there is a secrete as to how we can pass this time without giving into temptation. First is to drink a big glass of water, this is to send a signal to the brain, maybe the signal that the brain is sending to us is that we’re thirsty and not hungry, plus drinking water is good for your health.

If the feeling is still there, then eat a healthy snack, to increase glucose in your blood stream, now it might be low; healthy snack can be carrot, yogurt, or fruits, and then following by another big glass of water. After 8-14 minutes has passed, your craving might be diminished, therefore not much damage done to your body.


  1. I see, a big glass of water in the morning is good for everyone before anything else…

  2. Been eating lots and lots when I was “home” recently. The food straight from the kitchen tastes better than the restaurant. I felt bloated and my tastebuds opted mostly on veggies and FISH.

    Now I’m eating homemade candies. Delicious!

  3. Hey, don’t rub in. It’s good to see you back K, if I’m missing, I don’t know if people would miss me as much as they missed you, probably not, it’s good to have you back. 🙂

  4. Thank you.

    But on the positive side, our family is always there for us. And before you know it, they are the ones who will stand by your side no matter what. That’s what I did on my holiday, spent the entire time with them (I had no choice, I’m single hahaha).

    After the holiday, my mind is cluttered and blank. There are more to share but it seems like I can’t force myself to even try thinking what’s my next decent post.

  5. I’d love to hear about your trip, and you’re right, our family is always there for us, but what you said about being single and had to stay with them the whole time, that’s just an old wives’ tales (can I use that term in a case like this?), most single people that I’ve known would venture out on their own…but in your case, go ahead…tell me anything. 🙂

  6. What a great tip. I’m going to tell all my friends and relatives about this.

    I’ve done this in the past and it must have been working since I used to weight around 100 to 103 pounds during high school and undergrad years.

    Then I came here and never learned to say no to food offered by friends or say no to chocolate cravings.

    On the good side I like to drink water, especially in the morning. When we sleep, our body is dehydrated and having a big glass of water the first thing in the morning is good for us.

    I on the other hand like to drink hot water or room temperature water. Cold water makes me cold and I even drink hot water during the summer months. I bought a new water cooker two weeks ago so I can make hot water fast, within 3 seconds.

    I will remind myself of this post, the next time I have cravings for junk food. Thanks for the posting. 🙂

  7. My dad also likes to drink hot water but he puts lemon grass and mak toom (not sure what it’s called in English) with his and it seems to help with indigestion.

    I don’t have much craving for anything, I can eat chocolate, but not a big fan of it.

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