Eyes/Smiles Are The Windows Of The Heart (Soul)

Many times we communicate with words but not always, there is a Lao/Thai saying that ‘Ta Phen Nathang Kong Houh Jai’ (eyes are the windows of the heart (soul)), I guess it meant that you can tell what the person is thinking or feeling by looking into their eyes. I’m not sure how this phrase came about, I sometime wonder if it has anything to do with the White Tara (Tibetan Buddhist), Goddess of Compassion, the Divine Mother; she has seven eyes, the two usual ones, one in the middle of her forehead and 2 eyes in the palms of her hands and 2 in the soles of her feet. This symbolizes that all of her activities are done with omniscient awareness. She is said to bring health and prolong life. Operating from the space of this compassionate love generates a long and fulfilling life.

Our eyes also allow us to see the beauty of this world, and what we express through our eyes might be the reflection of what we saw. Then, what about the blind, I once read that they have eyes in their fingers. What if the person has no facial expression, I guess then you have to be a mind reader. To add on to this eyes theory, I think a smile expresses those eyes; then one can say that ‘a smile’ is the window to the heart (soul). You would have thought that a smile is an expression of happiness feeling only, but have you ever noticed that sometimes someone’s smile might be very dry or sad. So a smile varies in feelings and emotions; might be feeling of happiness, sadness, awkwardness, embarrassment, worry, hatred, or even insulting at time (Did I miss any?) I think you could tell how that person is feeling by looking at the shape of that person’s lips and their facial expression, mainly the eyes. I sometimes wonder when I see the smiley emotional icon that people typed, what types of smile (feeling) they’ve at the time. Is it really a happy smile that I’ve often perceived? 🙂


  1. A person’s character is their sole. And if you’re a good judge of character, you’re a good judge of their soul. :~)

  2. I thought I was a good judge of character but I’m not so sure anymore, and sometimes people can fool me. It’s hard to know who’s who this day and age, we all wear mask, I’d imagine to protect ourselves. 😐

  3. So now you wish we live in a smaller world where everyone knows our name and our souls.

  4. Not only that I wish that I’m living in a smaller world where everyone knows my name (I still love that ‘Cheers’ theme song), but I’m trying to create that small world for myself and I can’t say it’s going very well because the world is such a huge place, and I feel a bit lost at times.

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