The Pong Lang Must Go Sa-On

This is one of my favorite bands, some of you might think that he is dorky looking, but I think he is unique and charming in his own way. They are coming to Wat Lao Buddhavong of Washington DC this July 4th week, it has always been very festive at the temple, some even camp out, and I’m hoping to be able to see them. If you’ll be in the area, stop by, it’ll be loads of fun.

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  1. Sabaidee……everybody. I have a guestion how do u guy contact eed the guy from ponglang ssa orn to come to watlao buddhavong . Is there anyway. U could contact them again to come down here to america .cause I wanted to see their group in person. If they come down here sometime this year please contact me rite away ok thank very much……..

    • Sabaidee khampheng rath, Pong Lang Sa On was contacted by the Wat directly, they bring singers from Thailand to their July 4th event every year. I think it’d cost a lot to bring them to the US, especially the whole group, might be cheaper if you were to visit them in Thailand.

  2. Hi here.
    I just want to say that ive just been to Thailand and went to a concert with PONG LANG SE ON and what a great fun we had.
    They did a concert i German Beer Garden and some friends and i went there to see. I went to the stage to take some pic and Eed the front singer asked me to go on stage. I said “Yes sure” and we had a great lot of fun in about 30 to 45 min. The funny part was that he didnt know i speak a little thai so when he asked me “Whats your name” (in not very good english) i said to him in THai “My nam is Rene and im from Denmark” every one had great fun with this. they went on with the show and they wanted me to join in and as i was trying to play the music with them (not easy for farang SS) Then suddenly Eed ask me if i want Kevin (Man with the long hair) to sing a song for me and ofcause i would like that. Kevin starts to sing Eagles famous song HOTEL CALIFORNIA and suddenly i stopped him ad said “Kevin thats not good” then i took the mic and started to sing the song. Everybody clappede and you could hear the had a great fun out there. Well then it was time for me to say Goodbye to all and i went down again and then it happen. People asked me if i was a part of the show because it was so funny but all i could say was ofcause”NO WAY” since that was the trouth. I could tell you much more from the stage but then this note would be longer than “The highway to hell” SSSSSS. so thats it so far.
    After the concert i did meet Eed again for a drink (beer) and we went to his home with some friends of mine and also some of the band. Outside the concert we meet Kevin and i went to him and said “Sorry i did this to you about singing” and he said “No thats was a great idear because everyone liked that and we like to make people happy)
    All in all a story from Thailand and all this was back on 22-4-2009.
    I had a great time and took a lot of pic and video from Eeds home aswell. I can tell everybody that hes a GREAT man and have both of his leks on the floor if you know what i mean by that.
    I hope you all one day can meet this great man and have the same fun i did.
    Take care and all the best to all of you.
    From Denmark.
    Rene Pedersen

    • Hi Rene, thanks for sharing, when I see something like that I often thought it was a prearranged, and fully rehearsed show, but I guess in your case, it’s not and it’s good to know. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. This wasnt prearranged at all. It was great fun and if any one wants some pic ive got a lot. Your welcome to email me or make note here and ill send to you as fast as possible.
    The best thing was that even hes/they are stars in Thailand all of them still have both legs on the floor.
    Hope to hear more from all of you since now ive become a fan to SSSSSS.
    Now i have a lot of VCDs and DVDs- karaokes with them and this you cant get in Denmark so i got a lot in Thailand but ofcause still looking for news ones SSS.
    Best regards.

  4. Hi there. Have anyone here heard about a accident with Edd (Pong Lang See On) It should have happen in Bangkok but i havnt seen anything about it so far. Please tell me if you did.
    Rene Denmark.

    • Hi Rene, the accident happened on November 21 and the driver was one of his band members named Gigi. She came back from a Loy krathong concert and was driving a pickup truck. Her pickup truck hit a motorcycle, 1 died and 1 seriously injured (both were riders of the motorcycle) and this happened in Pathum Thani, a province located directly north of Bangkok. source. From reading the news, I think she was at fault. Ed and Lulu hosted the funeral. source.

  5. Hi Nye. Thanks so much. It aint easy to find news about this anywhere in English 0-)). But i say THANK you so much. And yes i still look at your block SSS.
    I wonder why i didnt hear from him about this but maybe well you know “Aint to proud” got it SSS.
    All the best and HO HO HO said Santa Claus.

    • Hi Rene, must be very hectic trying to handle everything since Gigi was still in shock of what had happened. It was an accident and I’m sure no one wanted this to happen. I asked my sister earlier today and she saw it on Thai TV and it took me awhile to find it on the Internet also, I had to search in Thai language to find it.

      I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 🙂

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