Never Look Back

The day of my mom’s funeral, after the morning Buddhist ceremony at home, we all went out the front door with her photo, that had been sitting at a mantle since the day of her death, and we were told not to look back. I never understood why we couldn’t look back but did as I was told, for I didn’t want to jinx the ceremony. I later learned that we weren’t allowed to look back because we had to take her to her final destination. We had one person to stay home, and as soon as her body was cremated, then everything at home had to be cleaned out, which meant the vases of flowers, candles, incenses, anything related to the morning ceremony, and had to be done before we would get home and there was another Buddhist ceremony that evening, in placed of her photo, sat a Buddha statue.

I’m not one to take high risk, but not once did I let opportunity pass me by, I don’t regret the decisions that I made, but knew that things could’ve been better. Since my mom funeral, I’ve seen things in a new light, seen disaster as an open door to a new opportunity, not afraid to try something new, for we only live once (that I’d remember anyway), everything in life is all about choices, even if the only choice that we have is worse, or worst.

So how do you make better choices? You might ask, I’ve learned from a friend that it should be based on our belief, and to add on to this, I’d say trust yourself, trust your instinct. We all have 24/7 and there should be no excuses as to not have enough time, and if you sit and doubt yourself, there goes half of your lifetime. The greatest gift that we all have is the gift of will power, we all have the will to make our own decision, who’d love us more than ourselves, and at the end, we have to live with our own decision.

What ever you decide in life will have consequences, either negative or positive, and will ultimately lead you to a certain destination. Keep in mind that decisions are the open door to opportunity and ultimately reality, therefore your destiny lies in your hands. Here I’m sharing my thoughts, which I often refer to it as ‘the thought that makes you itch,’ and literally it might just do that, some might think it sounds ridiculous, I think not and this is my decision to share. If you are going to do something, don’t let self-doubt hold you back, have faith in yourself and trust your instinct, once you’ve made that decision, don’t look back.


  1. Nye, well said…. I tend to over analyze things way too much.. Even though my instinct tells me differently, I always hesitate to jump on it.

    • seeharhed, trust your instinct the next time, even if things turned out bad, at least it’s the choice that you’ve made and you don’t have to live with the ‘what if’.

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