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My Third Sister (Somewhat) Ghost Story

I came from a large family; and New York City was our home for many years, and many of my sisters are still living there. One of my sisters, I often referred to her as my third sister, lives in Queens, NY; which to me, housing is a bit of a challenge. She lives in a townhouse and it’s too close for comfort to me; but I do have to admit that it’s a lot nicer than living in high rising apartments. The last time I visited her was September of 2006, and everything looked differently from what I remembered because she renovated her entire house, and redecorated many rooms. She has some reproduction pieces of the 18th century furniture, and her china cabinet is absolute gorgeous, you’d have thought that she would have beautiful china to go with that, but it was for the urns that she has kept her dead cats ashes. I always feel a bit uneasy being there, not so much of scaring of her dead cats, but more so of the living ones. I always thought that she has 9 cats, but not sure of how many she has now, I lost count. But there’s one cat that I’m extremely fearful of, his name is Tiger, and I think it’s a bit of an embarrassment for her to have company over because Tiger would grab people at inappropriate places, I always have to make sure that I’m at a sitting position at all time. I don’t normally sleep at her house when I visit; I often wondered what it’d feel like to sleep in the same house as those dead cats.

I proceed to ask her about that but she said that she’s never heard or dreamed of them coming to visit her, but she did had a scare once, when she bought her carpet that is in her bedroom. It was December of 2004 and Home Depot EXPO Design Center was having an after Christmas sale, so she picked out a Karastan Cambridge Wool Carpet, which looks absolutely beautiful in her bedroom. She brought it home that evening and was very pleased with her purchase because she got such a good deal on it.

She went to bed early that night, and before she drifted off to sleep, she heard someone(s) crying. It was one of the saddest that she’s heard but she wasn’t sure where it was coming from, the crying was on and off all night long and she hardly had gotten any sleep. The next night, same thing…she was scared, where could it possibly have come from, she then thought of the carpet because it was the latest item that she had purchased and she never heard any crying prior to that. With little sleep the night before, her mind was working against her, she imagined all kind of images associated to the crying voice, must be a female ghost she thought to herself, no actually many because there were different tones of crying, and even heard them comforting each other in the language that she didn’t understand. She laid there wide awake, scared of what might appear in front of her, and was thinking to herself that she has to get rid of that carpet the next morning.

She went to visit my oldest sister the next morning and told her of what had happened and what she heard. My oldest sister said that my third sister was scared and seriously thought that the carpet was haunted, but little did she know that she got that carpet the day after tsunami hit on December 26, 2004, and her neighbors next door were from Sri Lanka, which was one of the areas that tsunami hit the hardest. They lost their relatives in the horrific events and were mourning for their love ones. It was a sad situation, for those that lost their lives in the tsunami, and a sad situation for my sister that never keeps up with the current events, she was clueless. When she told me the story, I didn’t know if to laugh or cry.

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  1. Funny story – the so called haunted carpet. I can see how scary it must be to hear all those chanting and stuff in the middle of the night. I experienced something similar once. I was home alone and it was getting dark. One of the neighbors had a “secretive” gathering, they started hitting their gongs and chanting. It would sound scary if you didn’t know what was going on. But I figured it all out after a few minutes of observation.

  2. I’m glad that you’re not like my sister, if that was her, she’d be under her cover the whole time. She is visiting my dad this week and she only has 6 cats now, and one of her cats, Tiger has a mental disorder and is taking medication for it; no wonder he likes to grab people from their behind. She has about 20 cats in her backyard, she spends most of her money feeding them and taking them to the vet, you’d have thought she is happy, but no, she worries about them because the ones in the backyard keep having babies; they’ve a program in NY that you can take the female to get sprayed for free, she’s thinking about doing this because it might help control their population.

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