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Since I’m a loner, being by myself, and doing things that I like is welcoming, but for others, there might not be much joy of being by him/herself as my previous post have suggested. It might even sound ridiculous to some after reading it, especially those individual that gets easily bored with him/herself. The feeling of boredom or loneliness, if left untreated for a long period might not be very healthy, as one of my blogger friends described his situation as, “…And if you feel that you do not enjoy things as much as you used to – or experiencing this kind of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) symptoms for no apparent reason…”, to me that’s a feeling of loneliness, I sometimes worry about him, and I’d imagine that the feeling of loneliness sorts of creeping in little by little, and before you know it, it’s there full-blown and it’s literally taken control of your life, for you’ve no energy to do things, and depression hurts, it hurts you physically and it hurts people around you emotionally. I never thought that I’d be writing about this topic, for I’ve never felt this way before. If I’m bored, I always manage to find things to do, such as reading.

I think sometimes it feels good to be a bit lonely, it’s a nostalgia feeling, which I often turn on sentimental music, and let my mind wandering off to a place far away, and often times I’d revisit my childhood memory that I stashed away for a day such as this. The feeling that I get is sort of warm and fuzzy inside, it always brings a smile to my face, and I know that I’m not the only one that feel this way, there’re many out there that share my feeling. I often welcome this type of loneliness, and I’d say that it’s nice to be in my own little world. For some this might not be a good thing because being lonely might not bring the feeling of nostalgia, but more of a depression and the best thing to do is to get rid of this feeling of boredom. There are several good tips in Kwanruen Magazine written in Thai language as to how to get rid of your boredom, see which ones suit you best.

The majority of people feel bored because they don’t have friends to talk to, especially those that stay by themselves for a long period. You can get rid of this boredom feeling by finding things to do, such as volunteering in your local community. This can be anything such as volunteering at a hospital, animal shelter, temple, school, and the list goes on. Not only are you no longer bored with yourself, but also you’re doing something productive by helping others and giving back to your community, something to be proud of; you’d be so busy, there wouldn’t be time for you to feel bored.

As for ladies, you can turn your boredom around by giving yourself a spa treatment. What to do? Open your refrigerator, there’s plenty that you can use, such as tomato, lemon, honey, yogurt, etc. You’ll be so busy with all the preparation that you’d have totally forgotten that you’re bored to begin with. After it has all said and done, you’d have the new beautiful you, something to smile about.

If you’re the types that boredom seems to visit you very often, then try looking for some companionship such as dogs and cats, or any types of pet that you like, but make sure that you’re a responsible person because these animals have feeling just like you; they also need some tender, loving care. They can be a great friend to you, and best of all they don’t talk back, unlike some friends that like to disagree with you.

This is my personal suggestion for any of my readers that are bored, go ahead and write your feeling down, better yet write a blog, there are many readers out there that love to read sentimental blog, so blog about your feeling at the time, why do you feel lonely, bored or depressed, and before you know it, you might be sharing the same feeling as hundreds of readers out there, some might be kind enough to leave you comments or words of encouragement, before you know it, you might have made yourself a new friend.

So, there are places to go, people to see, why let yourself get bored, it might be time for a change… change is good.

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