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The Joy Of Being By Myself

I think it’d be lonely to live like a hermit, but sometimes with so much chaotic in today society, I just want to get away from it all and be by myself. Being alone in the sense, you don’t have to feel lonely, a bit confusing you’d say. How often do you spend time with yourself, thinking about you, and not about someone else, your answer is probably not so much different from mine, and sadly, I don’t do that often enough. My mind is often cluttered with things that I’ve to do for others, dead lines that I’ve to meet, people that I often have to encounter, and some that I hardly have time for anymore, which all lead to stress at the end. Do you sometimes feel like you want to get away, to go somewhere far away, that you need a vacation, if yes, that might be a sign that you need to spend more time with yourself because you might have done too much for others, and have forgotten about yourself.

I find that the best solution is to get away from people and spend more time with nature, spend more time with myself, surprisingly I can find many solutions to my problems by doing this, but at the end, I often get bored with myself, and ready to come back to my old life that I just walked away from, but this time I have solutions to my problems and ready to come back as myself once again; socializing with my same circle of friends.

Some might ask, what could you possibly do by yourself? I guess it all depends on how much time do you have; for some, one hour might be enough to recharge him/herself, and for others they might need months to do so. Some people feel that they have to go on a vacation to be able to get away; it’s great if you could do that, but to me it’s not necessary. I’d be happy if I could spend one hour walking on a track, one hour at the park, one hour reading a book, one hour gardening, or one hour writing at my blog. How you spend your time with yourself is up to you, but make sure it’s something that you want to do, and not because you feel obligated to do it for someone else. Can you find time for yourself?

4 thoughts on “The Joy Of Being By Myself”

  1. Being alone give us time to reflect and have a clear thought. This gives us time reflect on the bad things we did in life.

    Being the only child is different because we’re alone most of the time. Only child or not, it’s important that our childhood are filled with joy of many diverse friends and family. And it’s important that we socialize sometimes too when we’re grown ups because we need to keep our sanity in check.

    Friends that listens and provide an objective, logical answers from their own perspective are the best kinds of friends. They provide options that you’d never see. Friends that ask for something in return is someone you want to stay away from.

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