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Guardian Goddess Of Aircraft – Part II

This is based on a real life story in Koosang Koosom Magazine, by Pheakthongthah written in Thai Language, translated by Ginger.

Continued from Part I

After the meal, the passengers were resting comfortably, might be to reserve their energy for shopping later that evening, so we had time for a small break. I did my last round of walking up and down one of the isles of the aircraft to make sure that everything were okay, ran into our Purser, I then asked, “Brother Sourachai, is our flight attendants for the first class dressing differently from our normal crew members, I saw an Air Hostess in a traditional outfit, its real pretty.” He gave me a confusing look, and said, “What traditional outfit are you talking about? It’s still the same uniform. This flight doesn’t have first class, because it was improvised, transferring from our Airbus flight, so we didn’t book any first class passenger.” I continued “But I really saw her, she has dark hair, wore a traditional outfit, and has a white flower pinning to her right earlobe…she came into the kitchenette area while I was preparing the…” I protested.

All of a sudden, I had to stop talking in mid sentence when I noticed our Purser’s face, it was pale and he started to sweat, after looking around, I noticed that other crew members were shockingly scared by what I said. Did I say something wrong? I thought to myself. Some even covered their face with their hands, one mumbled something that I thought she said, “She must be Mai Yar Nang for sure” (Boat Nymph or Guardian Goddess of the Aircraft) I was puzzled, not sure what she’s talking about.

Before we could say anything else, the emergency buzzer came on, it was to warn the passengers to be seated, the voice of the captain (pilot) came on the loud speaker, “Ladies and gentlemen, we are currently entering the storm zone above Vietnam, please be seated and buckle your seat belt at all…” But before he could finish his sentence, the aircraft started to shake violently; we acted quickly in response to emergency situation, some of us were walking around to make sure that passengers were following instructions. As for me, I had to be in the kitchenette area, to make sure that everything were put away so it’d not be in danger to others.

I looked out the window, saw dark clouds everywhere, and I couldn’t tell if below were ocean or land, I prayed that it’d be ocean because if we were to crash, the chance of us surviving is greater. Before my thoughts can wander off much further, the aircraft started to shake violently once again, but this time it would have seemed that it could have shattered into small pieces. I heard items dropping and breaking in the kitchenette, but there wasn’t much I could do at the time, I found an empty seat and strapped myself to it, like the rest of the passengers.

In a split of a second, I felt as if my body were dropping from up high, as if our aircraft were taking a head dive, and that was exactly what happened. I heard things being thrown around, more breaking noises from the kitchenette, and passengers, both males and females were screaming amongst the emergency buzzard, which at the moment was not helping and didn’t make the situation any better. At that moment, I knew what it fells like to love oneself and fearful of death.

I tried to stay focus, and starting to pray…eyes looked straight ahead, because this might be my final moment before death, but what I saw was shocking, it was that graceful lady, standing calmly amongst the chaotic scene, she was looking straight at me, then turned and walked toward the back of the aircraft.

It must have been a miracle, after the aircraft had lost control for about 30 seconds, which seemed like an eternity for all of us, the captain (pilot) was able to regain control of the aircraft once again, and the violent shaking finally came to a complete stop, and everything were back to normal…

The view from an aircraft window was the sunlight reflecting on the ocean. We must have come so close to crashing into the ocean for the ocean was so near, as if I could reach it, that’s how close we were to death…who would have known, if it weren’t for the help of Mai Yar Nang , the guardian goddess of aircraft, I might not have a chance to tell you this story; believe it or not is up to you, there’s no doubt in my mind that it was her that helped us that day, and this is a true story that happened to me.

4 thoughts on “Guardian Goddess Of Aircraft – Part II”

  1. Good story…but I really don’t think that it’s possible.
    What do you think? you think it’s a real story…Do you believe it?

  2. Hi Fefal, the stories that people send in to Koosang Koosom Magazine were supposed to be real, I think the editor checked the information such as the actual flight and the accuracy of the basic structure of the story, but as far as what the author saw, they can’t prove if it’s real or made up. (The photos are not real, just something to add another dimension to the story)

    I like ghost story, as you’ve seen that I translated many and like to give the benefit of the doubt for all the ghost stories that I translated. There are many mysteries out there that we don’t know and can’t explain. I do believe that there is another dimension that is parallel to our dimension, which is the spirit world and what we can’t see doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. This is the first story that I’ve heard of Mai Yar Nang , the guardian goddess of aircraft, I think it’s interesting. I often write my blog at night, yes ghost stories also, and sometimes I’d get goose bumps and can’t explain why.

    I think we all don’t believe in strange phenomenon until it happens to us, I personally believe that he actually saw her (which in my mind I do believe the story), but her saving the aircraft is another story.

    From personal encounter that I like to share with you, my mom passed away in Jan’07, shortly before her death, she had seen ghost and such and we spoke to her hospice nurse which then related the story to the psychologist, the explanation that they gave us was that it has to do with the individual (my mom) belief, he asked if she saw ghost before when she was younger, which she claimed that she did, so the Psychologist had no doubt that she saw ghost because he said that some people have six sense when it comes to something like this. I spend most of my time with her when she was ill, and often wondered and looked around to see if there were any ghost near by, but have not seen one myself. (Only once when I was little, but only heard)

    I personally think that my mom saw ghost because it was almost her time, I believe that she was living between the real world and the spirit world, and were able to see both sides; just as children would often see ghost because they don’t have strong will like adult. I only dreamed of my mom, but my sisters encountered something that they believe that my mom is still around, and I believe her. Maybe someday, I’ll write the story that 2 of my sisters encountered, we’re not sure if it were my mom spirit or those that came to get her before her death.

  3. I never saw a ghost, that’s why i don’t believe this story.
    But I think after living, another live start…certainly different, maybe like a spirit…I’m sure that your mother saw you each day, and “advice” you for any important choice in your life.
    I’m sure that she’s very proud of you!

  4. Hi Fefal, thanks for the encouragement and your kind words, one thing that I know, my mom had (and has) always been proud of me. Some of the stories that I translated, I find it hard for me to believe also, but I think it’s very entertaining to know how the other side of the world live and think, maybe we’d understand other people a bit better, understand what make them tick or not tick. One of my readers once mentioned that Lao and Thai ghost story have good moral value, and teach morality, unlike American ghost story where they’re mainly told to scare people; I’m beginning to see the pattern that he is talking about now. I wouldn’t take some of these stories too seriously; think of it as tales that people told back in the olden day.

    I want to take this opportunity to thank all my readers for an open mind, I know some of my translated story are bizarre, but so far I’ve been getting mostly positive feedback, and my translated ghost story are one of the most popular that get the most traffic on my blog besides the fashion. Thank you for visiting. 🙂

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