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Guardian Goddess Of Aircraft – Part I

This is based on a real life story in Koosang Koosom Magazine, by Pheakthongthah written in Thai Language, translated by Ginger.

This is a story told by an Air Steward of Boeing 747 destination–> Hong Kong…

It was one of the most humid mornings in July; I was told that I’d be on the flight to Hong Kong (HK), and It’d be a rough trip for our crew-members because after arriving at HK airport, we would then have to fly back to Bangkok, that same day, bringing back full flight.

Not just that, this was the time of the year that HK were having their huge summer sales, therefore there’re many female passengers on this flight, some were high society (Hiso, for short), some that think that they were Hiso, and some were Low society (or Loso), but were pretending to be Hiso; you could imagine, they were trying to out do one another. Of course, all were booking our flight to HK, as if we were flying them there free, or something along that line. As soon as they got on the aircraft, all these Hiso (or the-want-to-be) were trying to show off that they’re the real McCoy, therefore, bossing us, flight attendants around as if we were their slaves or servants.

As for today’s flight, there were too many passengers for our normal aircraft to HK because we normally fly an Airbus, which could only carry up to 300 passengers; we had to change to Boeing 747, which could carry up to 500 passengers. I’m just thinking aloud, if the airline allows these women to book the seating in the lavatory, aka the commode, I think these women would do it in a heartbeat.

Before taking off, our Purser told us that we’d be passing a storm in the Vietnam area, for us to be extra careful. Shortly after that, the Boeing 747 took off, after reaching the altitude that were considered safe, we were given a signal that it was time for us to serve our passengers their meal. My job was to prepare food in the kitchenette area, which I make sure that I pulled the curtain shut, so that the passengers wouldn’t be able to see me in plain sight because the chances of me making messes was highly likely, might not be very pleasant to look at.

As I was busy preparing the food, I had a strange sensation, cold chills running through my body, it was worse on my arms, goose bumps were everywhere…the feeling that I got was that someone was watching me.

Since I’ve been working as an Air Steward for quiet sometimes, therefore have experienced and knew what to do in situation such as this. I slowly looking up, since it was in a broad daylight, nothing to fear at all, as I reminded myself. I couldn’t imagine any ghost that would be crazy enough to be up this high, and in broad daylight. It was such a relief of what I saw, she was an Air Hostess, and must be working in the fist class section because I’ve never seen her before (as for our airline, only Boeing 747 has first class). She stood there looking at me; she was somewhat pretty, but strangely, very elegant looking; she didn’t have a lot of make-up on…but what I found to be very strange was that her uniform was beautiful, totally different from our other crew members in which she dressed in Thai traditional attire, and also has silky black long hair that drapes over her shoulder, and she has a white flower pinning at her right earlobe; which I can smell the soft floral scent that mesmerized me for a split of a second.

The truth is, I knew that dressing as this was inappropriate and violating our dress code because all Air Hostess must tie their hair back, especially if it were long because in emergency, you don’t want your hair to cover your face, and wearing flower was not allowed. A bit confused because what I knew and what I saw were contradicting, and I thought to myself, maybe they’ve changed the rule and allowing the first class Air Hostess to dress this way.

As I was thinking, I asked “May I help you with something?” Silence…she didn’t reply, just stood there staring at me. I was confused, I once again felt as if I were mesmerized by her gazed, the chilling feeling ran up and down my back, and then it hit me, I felt something hot, a burning sensation on my hands. I looked down, it was the food that I was preparing for our passengers; I carefully put it down on the counter-top. I then looked up once again, but this time, she was nowhere in sight, I went back to preparing the meals, but kept thinking about her.

Continued at Guardian Goddess Of Aircraft – Part II

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