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COZY TOES, Suggested by a salesMAN

Leave it to the sales people to suggest something off the wall, and we’re crazy enough to go along with it. One of the ladies in our customer service department has a portable heater in her cubicle because at times, the air conditioning is on full blast, and it’s like being in an ice box. A salesMAN saw her heater and told her that a cubicle is not designed for something like this, which is actually a fire hazard to have a portable heater in the office, he suggested that she needs a COZY TOES, our boss who is also a MAN thought it’d be a great idea and ordered her one.


Well, when she got her cozy toes yesterday, her mouth dropped open, to keep her feet warm, she has to take off her shoes, in the office…Yeah, very professional wouldn’t you say….what about her body, it stays cold most of the time, I think MEN just don’t understand that a woman’s body is not design like theirs’. The salesMAN just looked at her ‘Duh’, he then said ‘we also have a cozy legs warmer’, go figure, now she is stuck with this toes warmer, I wonder if they also have a cozy body warmer.

I saw the bill this morning, and it read,



Such a rip off!

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