What Is In Your Burger?

4th of July by Samanthatoy

Our company has a cook out today, it’s nice to be able to eat with all my co-workers in the cafeteria, and we only do this about twice a year. I think my eyes must have been bigger than my stomach but it’s typical of me, they often referred to me as a garbage disposal, I managed to eat everything in sight.

We have hot dogs, hamburgers, slaw, potato salad, and baked beans; my favorite American food is hamburger. As we were eating, the plant manger that is in his late 40s started telling us about his time in the Philippine, he was in the marine and was about 18 years old at the time, I’m thinking about 1976. In the evening, there were vendors that’d sale shish kabob, which he thought was really good, ate it almost every night for about a month. Then one day, they were sitting around and started talking, and thought it was a bit odd that there’s not that many dogs around, even the stray one, then one guy said that the shish kabob that they ate every night was dog meat. All of us in the cafeteria at this time was like ‘gross’, I’ve heard the story before and thought it was interesting, not that I eat dog meat. He then went on and said that he started to throw up and couldn’t eat for 3 days, but then thought it was ridiculous because here he had been eating for 1 month and it was darn good, what the heck, so he went back and started eating it again. He said that next year, he’d see if he could get us some dog burger because he missed his dog shish kabob. You can imagine the look on some of the people at my work place; I hope he is not serious.

They all turn around and asked me if I eat dog, I think they ASS*U*ME that all Asians eat dog meat, just for the record; NO I don’t eat dog meat.


  1. I know how he feels. One of my best memories is chowing down as many shish kabobs as I could in PI. I knew it was probably not cow, but decided long before that I would not burden myself with knowledge of what it was. I just wanted to enjoy the local food and not pre-judge my meal. The sweet little old lady making them did let me know after I was so impressed with how GOOD they were. It actually didn’t shock me that it was dog. This was 90′ and 92′. So I hope I can get it again if I ever return. People in the states are just too uptight about their limited choice of acceptable meat. It’s just culture training. My family and friends joke about it with me, and I’ve owned several dogs as pets over the years, but the truth of it is, I look at what animal is edible as a matter of circumstance and culture.

    • Hi Jason, thanks for your visit and comment. I think it’s a turnoff for most Westerners because they view dogs as pet, I have a dog pet, and can’t imagine eating him either. But that’s not to say that all Asians eat dog, I know most Lao people in Laos don’t eat dog.

      I had my share of eating strange creature, and they still made fun of me to this day. I’m actually very happy that I didn’t turn down what my relatives served me.

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