32 Traits of Creative People

This is written by Robert Alan Black, Ph.D, the term using for creative thinkers are Crayon Breakers. There are 32 human traits, be honest with yourself and only check the ones apply to you. The more you check off, the more creative you are as a person.

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Are You a Crayon BREAKER?

1. sensitive
2. not motivated by money
3. sense of destiny
4. adaptable
5. tolerant of ambiguity
6. observant
7. perceive world differently
8. see possibilities
9. question asker
10. can synthesize correctly often intuitively
11. able to fantasize
12. flexible
13. fluent
14. imaginative
15. intuitive
16. original
17. ingenious
18. energetic
19. sense of humor
20. self-actualizing
21. self-disciplined
22. self-knowledgeable
23. specific interests
24. divergent thinker
25. curious
26. open-ended
27. independent
28. severely critical
29. non-conforming
30. confident
31. risk taker
32. persistent

How many of the traits did you first mark as fitting you?

Would you be shy to share your answer? I can honestly say that most apply to me except for #31 risk taker, I have to admit that I like to play it safe. What about you? Please leave your answer here.

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  1. Yes, you are so not creative, I wouldn’t ask you which ones you missed, but more like which ones you got right.

    (Very strange, your comment got posted at Introduction to Pee Bpop of Savannakhet, Laos. I moved it here, but still doesn’t look right, either there’s a problem or my blog is haunted again.)

  2. The comment that you got 5 out of 32, not very creative, if this was my score it’d make more sense because of the profession that I’m in, but it surprised me when I score that high. I think an average person would score 28. One that you got wrong for sure is #2 not motivated by money, because I know you’re motivated by money.

    I’m curious to see how Darly and Sim would score on this. I think Sim would score pretty high. If you guys care to take the test.

  3. Hi there Nye,

    I answered yes to almost all of them, except for #31 I had to pause and asked myself twice. I think I like to play it safe but at times I would just tell myself to go for it. That is how I ended up over here or choosing my undergrad study school. I didn’t let fear stop me. I don’t want to regret not doing something and not take chances.

    I think if you were to ask yourself these questions few years ago, you would have answered yes to all of them. Where you are now you like stability for various reasons. For me I am alone so I am more willing to take risk. 🙂

  4. Thanks Darly, I think you are right, we do think very much alike. I do like the stability of life, but not necessary means that I won’t take any risk at all. If traveling to Laos is a small risk like most people warns me, then one day I’d love to travel back to Laos with you and other LP members.

    I think Sim would also answer very much like you and I. What happen to LP and your other sites? It has been down since yesterday. I doubt if Sim got my PM to him, or otherwise he might be museums hopping by now. 😉

  5. Hi Nye,

    I think you evaluate things and then make a choice, like going to Laos for example. But you would not be doing things like you would as a teenager. But somehow I know you were a responsible teenager.

    Sim would say yes to all those questions but would he tell us that is the question.

    Bad news on the site. Our hosting company has a raid hardware crashed and all our backups are corrupted. I’m putting pieces back together as you can see.

    But I won’t give up easily. Right now I’m working on Laocook.com, page by page. 🙂

  6. It’s okay if he doesn’t want to tell us, we know him, but I’ve a feeling that Sim doesn’t mind telling us his answer.

    So sorry to hear about your sites; Have you been up all night, or just got up? It’s an odd hour for you.

  7. Thanks Nye. I’ve been up all night and went to bed at 4:45 AM. Then got up around 9:00 AM because I couldn’t sleep with too much on my mind you know.

    Now it’s time for lunch and back to restoring Laocook.com. It’s going to be a busy weekend.

  8. Good luck Darly, I’ll be thinking of you, I wish I could help in someway. I saw bits and pieces came back for Lao cook, but Lao cuisine is still missing a lot of data. At first I thought Nexus was working on a new template because he mentioned that not too long ago.

    I’m here if you need anything.

  9. Thanks. I’ll need all the luck I can get. 🙂

    LP is back. It’s funny how many months ago I thought about not updating the site and start new with making a blog site. Now I can do that with no data to fall back to. A good excuse for a new start.

    LP forum was more like a blog as stated by Sim. If all the current posters sign up with the new LP and start posting their subjects. Then it’s like we are back to normal I think.

    It’s going to take a long time to rebuild all the sites. But we can do it.

  10. You know this might sound silly, but I actually cried when I saw the new LP, it’s like I just lost a good friend, it’ll be exactly 1 year for me on 5/27/2007, this Sunday, and was hoping to show a WIP of my fish/lily pond project that I’ve been working on for the last 2 weeks.

    But then I thought, no time to be a crybaby, change is good and you can count me in.

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