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When Dorm Is Gone, Will Haunted Past Remain?

I came across an interesting story at an on-line newspaper that I usually read; surprisingly there’s a ghost story written by one of the staff writer, Kim Gilliland. I think it’s somewhat scary.

The incident in 1976 left an indelible mark on the psyche of Don Miller, former Lenoir-Rhyne College security guard. Miller’s job then was to ensure

Highland Hall, a three-story structure built in 1906, was safe and secure. Instead, Miller says he saw a file cabinet and lamps flying around a room on the third floor. He claims the lights would flicker on, even when the breaker box was turned off.

“It was a nasty ghost,” he said.
Miller, later director of housing for 20 years, left the building, never to return to that floor again.
The building is being demolished because the college no longer needs the building in its long-range plans. The board of trustees approved the demolition at a March meeting.
Gary Broyhill is the college Web master. He and the school’s media librarian, Kevin Karrs, wandered over to Highland Hall on Tuesday to watch the heavy machinery take down a part of the college’s history.
He also knew of the brick building’s ghostly past.
“This building, more than any other, had a history of ghostly tales,” he said. “Supposedly, you didn’t want to go to the third floor alone. It’s a little creepy in there. It just had that creepy vibe to it.”
The building also had character. The heat would run nonstop during the winter. The floors creaked. The halls were a maze of narrow stairways and passages.
Rand Brandes, professor of English, kept a third-floor office in Highland Hall for about four years. He often worked late at night, but says he never saw a ghost.
“I always felt a positive energy coming out of its past as a dormitory, all of that undergraduate excitement and enthusiasm,” he said. “Third floor of Highland was always very peaceful, a great place to concentrate and write. It had a karma that I found centering.”
Still, Brandes acknowledges a creepiness to the building, even though the offices were full of light.
“There were some pretty scary critters running around, though,” he said.
What will become of the “ghosts” of Highland Hall once the building comes down?
“There’s not many places for any ghosts to go anymore,” Miller said. “They might fly over to P.E. Monroe Auditorium. He (Monroe) wanders over there a lot. That’s about the only building left of the originals.”

What do you think? Have you ever experienced anything like this? I also came across another ghost story in a Thai magazine about ‘A Beautiful Ghost Lady Haunting a Dorm’ which I’ll translate next, it’d be a hair- raising experienced for me, I might have to translate this one during the day time.

4 thoughts on “When Dorm Is Gone, Will Haunted Past Remain?”

  1. Thanks for posting (or reposting) the article about the ghostly past of
    Highland Hall at Lenoir-Rhyne College in Hickory, NC. The picture you
    show is of another building, however; this is (was) Highland Hall:

    The building was torn down as of Thursday — no ghostly reports yet, but
    there’s always time for that later!

  2. Thanks Malcolm, (I updated the photo) I couldn’t find the photo except for the one that’s being torn down, and that’s why I decided to link to the original article. Let us just hope the ghost don’t fly that far, I’ll have a hard time translating ghost story at night because they might decide to visit me, and BTW, you’re not too far from it either (small world, we might be next door neighbor), I heard that the ghost travel with the wind, keeps your eyes open….Boo!

  3. I worked for Don Miller at Lenoir-Rhyne College as a resident assistant. Don was not the only night security to experience the paranormal in Highland Hall. “Jonny” shared with me that he saw furniture moving, although not to the extent of Don. I lived in the 315 Isenhour Hall which is also said to be haunted. In summer session, “Jonny” said that the light would turn on in the middle of the night when the room was empty. One night, in my sleep a man was holding me down and I couldn’t breath. I began to pray and was released. At the same time, the cabinet above the closet sprang open and my suitcase flew across to the middle of the room waking my roommate. This door was latched and had no spring opening mechanism. Just sayin’.

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