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Full Moon

When I was little, one of my favorite’s entertainments at night was looking at the moon, the stars, while listening to country music on the radio (I couldn’t believe that I used to listen to Thai country music, must be where I was living at the time); sounds romantic right? Well hold on to that thought because I was only about 7 or 8 years old at the time. As time has passed, the moon is still as beautiful to me as decades ago, time certainly didn’t change how I feel, but it did change the appearance of the moon, to me anyway. When I was little, the moon seemed a lot bigger, I’m not sure if it was because I was so little or it’s actually bigger in the country sky.

Every time I see the moon, I’m almost ashamed to admit that these thoughts came to mind. I think it might sound a bit childish and some might think it’s an idiotic way of thinking, but have you ever thought that there are over 6 billion people living in the world, fighting and competing for everything, complaining that there’s not enough this or that, but there’s only 1 moon, yet I’ve never once heard people complaining that there’s not enough to go around. Strange, this is the one thing that we don’t mind sharing, admiring its beauty and not once, want it all to ourselves.

There was a nursery rhyme about the moon that I remember hearing as a kid, which asking the moon for foods, ring for my young bride, elephant and horse for my brother/sister to ride on… (the rest I can’t remember), even though there’s only 1 moon, but the feeling after looking at it varies, American people would wish upon the stars, but Lao and Thai people would wish upon the moon, might as well think of it as our personal moon. I’m still thinking like a kid, wouldn’t you say? The moon is most beautiful looking from earth; this is from my personal perception of course, which I haven’t had a chance to look at it from other planets yet.

Looking at something from far away is always beautiful. I’ve seen a photo of earth, taken from space, very small and absolutely gorgeous, hard to believe that from a distance, it’s so calm, and peaceful, but once zoom in, so much chaotic, people fighting for everything. Do you reckon that it might be too close for comfort? I guess sometimes is good to take a step back, I often do that from time to time, just to see if I am where I need to be. I’m glad that I don’t have to fight with anyone to voice my opinion here on my blog.

The sky is too dark tonight; it’s a bit gloomy. I’m looking forward to seeing the next full moon on June 1, 2007, hope some of you might join me from where you are.

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19 thoughts on “Full Moon”

  1. What amazes me is the angle of the half moon changes depending on where you are in the world. Here in Thailand, the half moon is like a smile, whereas the Uk the moon is shaped 90′ to the right.

    I remember when I first noticed this, I was on a hill tribe trek in Chiang Mai, Thailand. When I looked up I thought something was wrong, I then asked someone on our tour and he explained that it’s different depending on where you are in the world.

    I agree, you can never get bored of looking at the moon, it’s so beautifull 🙂

  2. That is so neat Chis, I’ve never noticed that before, maybe it’s because I like full moon best. I need to pay a bit more attention to the moon at its changing phases.

  3. Funny when I think of my childhood in our province (a far away land in Philippines as we may call it), I used to believed that everytime there’s a FULL MOON, we think of ghosts, werewolves & other scary creatures. We usually don’t go out late, stay in bed early and locked our windows.

    In HK, during the mooncake festival, people gathered around outside to celebrate the full moon. During the festival, parents allow children to stay up late, and take them to high vantage points to light their lanterns and watch the moon rise before eating their mooncakes.

  4. Hi K, Wow, I didn’t realize that the Philippines think differently about the full moon. As for the Lao and Thai, it’s actually very romantic to be out courting during the full moon, especially in the country side where there’s no electricity. Your belief is the opposite, here, during full moon, you usually don’t go out late, stay in bed early and locked your windows, very interesting.

    There’s also 2 stories that I vaguely remember hearing as a kid in regard to the full moon, one was that there’s a big tree (thon poh) on the moon; another story was the story of the rabbit that fell in love with the moon, admiring its beauty from far away (can’t remember the rest, I would love to hear if anyone remember)

    I love the moon cake, I’d buy it in Chinatown when I was living in NYC, but it’s very hard to find it here in the boondocks. A little history behind The Harvest Moon Festival, according to the legend, no one can be sure of the origin of the Harvest Moon Festival (also known as the Mid-Autumn Festival). The origin was romanticized by the legendary story of Chang Er, who was believed to have taken a pill, become a fairy, and flown to the moon to escape from the pursuit of her husband. It was thought that we could see Chang Er on the moon when it is at its brightest in mid-autumn (i.e. the fifteenth day of the eighth month of the lunar calendar). The exact date in the Western calendar changes from year to year but it is approximately in September.

  5. It’s a folklore – specially for kids, so that they won’t stay late outside at night. As I grew older, it also signifies “mating moments”, rather “dating with someone”, hahaha.

    I don’t know why a full moon is always associated with anything scary. I’ve probably been watching too many scary movies because I love scary movies.

  6. I think we can probably get together and write a book about full moon, there must be some sort of mysterious energy force in the air or something because it’s also associated with giving birth, and death.

    As much as I like to write about ghost story, I’m actually afraid to watch scary movie. I do most of my translation at night, but some of the ghost story, I find them a bit too scary and had to do my writing at lunch break, one of my co-workers thought I was being silly.

  7. I don’t remember which scary book I actually read. I was in college, I love to read books that time (reading clinical books infront of me creep up the hell off of me) and one night, I was all by myself had the courage to read a thriller story – in the middle of the page the story started to play inside my head. I threw the book away, crawl into bed and the next day, I dumped it. See, I was such a loser. I’m always afraid of ghosts then when my Father died, I was asleep alone in my room and for some strange reason, I saw him beside me and I felt him as if he was telling me that things will be okay. I didn’t even said goodbye to him before he passed away.

    Sometimes, I think that being scared is created visually by the things we see in the movie and it becomes very scary as you imagine them it’s really happening which is actually not.

  8. I’m sorry to hear about your dad, most of my friends that I know (add you to the list) lost their dad, and I believe that you’re dad really came to see you as a spirit (not ghost), reason being was that he was worried about you. I dreamt of my mom every now and then, but she never spoke to me, the one time that my dream seemed so real was when we came back from putting her ashes in the monument at the temple, we got back real late so I slept at my dad’s house with my GI Joe sister (who is scared of ghost, she couldn’t go to the bathroom after reading my translated ghost story), I dreamt of my mom, but the feeling was so real because I didn’t think I was asleep yet, again she didn’t speak to me, I wish she’d. I’m not afraid of ghost, might be because I’ve never seen one, ghost only come to see those that are afraid of them (or might be your mind, creates images of ghost). I am afraid of scary movie because I know it’s not real, afraid that the image might stay in my mind and play repeatedly, I don’t like to think in circle, it’s too tiring.

    Your mind is very powerful that I think it sometimes can create images in your head, if you have that good of an imagination, then writing books, becoming a movie producer might be a good choice, or in the field of making commercial (I think it’s called creative, Thai people anyway), something to think about.

    I think you’re a very good writer, might consider writing book, some writers write in blog, each post as chapter, before you know it, you have a book.

  9. Very nice writing about the moon. Moon to me is, for the lack of better word, everything. When I was young, now that I am old, I used to get hypnotized by this Thai country song. I don’t recall the name of the song but it go like this, “jun eur jun jal kon kur kor kao kor kang, tae wan ni kor wan ploy dang pook meau nong ka laew jun ja wa yang lai….bla bla bla. English translation is, moon moon moon, before I used to asked for food and soup now but tonight I ask for a ring to put on my sweetheart’s finger, what do you say? Something like that. Silly me..

  10. The song that stuck on my head now is…….shorty you angel you my darling angel, closer to my ………you are to me baby..
    Something like that. It sounds a lot better when I sing it. By the way nice blog you got going. How do you pronouce your name anyway?

  11. It’s ‘Nine’ as in Mr. or Boss in Lao or Thai, and ‘Noona’ is mouse in the rice field, I wanted to write like a guy, but finally gave up because it’s too obvious that I’m not. I also write as Ginger in

    Have you thought about writing a blog; I think you’d be good at it. You’re familiar with, I’ve seen you made comments there on, and off in the past, you can sign up as an Author and start writing there. I think it’s interesting to read Laotian authors from different part of the world, sharing life experiences is priceless, something to think about.

  12. Ahh, now I know. Thanks. Nye, I thought about writing a lot lately. I will devote a whole day to doing so once I get around to it. A blog I meant. I’ll let you know once that happen. As far as writing on, I see they have a few writers already and its going well. They are heading the right direction. I will slide in here and there just to check in and share my life experience. Peace be with you Nye.

  13. I think writing is a way for us to share who we are, let me know when you’re ready, I can link to you. I’m using the free version of WordPress, their link is at the bottom of this page, just click and you’re good to go…happy blogging

  14. Thanks Ginger, I agree with you. I too believe writing is a way for us to share who we are. So just click on and go happy, right? I will try….soon.

  15. Thanks for adapting to my new name Ginger; I think it suits me a bit better. Yes WordPress make it very simple for us to blog, I’m not much of a computer person, but managed to get things in order. I seem to understand life and people a bit better when I write. I can tell that you will be good at it, so yes, I think you’ll be happy. 🙂

  16. Hi Ginger, I have started a blog on Visit me there, Have a great day.

  17. Hi Amphone, I visited your site, very nice… it has that calm feeling to it, you can tell a lot about a person by the theme that they choose. I made a comment at yours’, but I think it’s waiting for moderation; I don’t have that feature turn on, so every comment come through, except for spam comments with 2 links or more.

    Please let me know if it’s okay for me to add you to my blogroll, interesting name danglingmonkey.

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