Ghost story, Laos

Introduction to Pee Bpop of Savannakhet, Laos

If you’re not familiar with Pee Bpop, think of this as an Introduction to Pee Bpop 101. The article that I’ll be translating claimed that it really exists in Savannakhet, Laos. Savannakhet is a town that’s situated on the banks of the Mekong River opposite Mukdahan in Thailand. The province bridges the country between Thailand and Vietnam and the town is a very active junction for trade between the two countries. As long as I can remember, Pee Bpop was well known in Laos, and Issan region of Thailand. It was some sort of demon that’d take control of a person’s body, and would give that person a ghostly power to go out and eat the elders, children, women that recently gave birth, and mainly the sick or weak that can’t help themselves. What would they eat? I guess mainly the inside of your body. Those that became Pee Bpop knew that they were Pee Bpop, but many times would try to hide it because it was socially unacceptable in Laos, or anywhere else I’d imagine. I’ve to admit that I knew very little about Pee Bpop, before translating this, I had to go out and talk to many elders that came from Laos, and one of the reasons that was given to me was from tattoo, which has Monh (magic) of prayers in the design, which I mentioned in the post of Is Tattoo Just A Body Art or A Cultural Sacred Design. I find it hard to believe that by having tattooed; if not follow strict rules, and then the magical power could backfire and could make one into Pee Bpop. That’s the story I was told, so I’m sticking with it for now, if you heard differently, I’d love to hear from you.

Monh (black magic) is commonly practiced in the Southeast Asia area; the individuals that practice often have Vanes (plant roots, similar to ginger roots), or sacred statues; many times these individuals are Ajarn (master) that studied black magic extensively, but power came with responsibility, and there’re strict rules that must be followed in order for the magic to be strong; most of these powers are supposed to be used in moderation and mainly to help people; if abused or used in greed, then it could backfire to that individual, therefore could become Pee Bpop. My oldest sister told me that one of the Monhs is called Monh Kao Kinh Komh, which the individual has the power to make rice fly into their rice hut, but it should only be used if they really need the rice to help the poor or mainly for personal consumption. I’ve never witness, but many that I spoke with all claimed that it really exists, and the rice would come from different farmers’ rice huts; many times, the person with this type of power would take more rice than they really need, start selling it and making lots of money. Of course, many farmers would be perturbed because it’d appear as if someone has been stealing rice from them; as I’ve mentioned earlier, since used in greed it backfire and s/he could become Pee Bpop.

There is also a Monh called Katha Maha Ni Yom (power of speech), salespeople, politicians, preachers and monks mainly use this type of Monh. Have you ever heard speakers and absolutely fell in love with them; what ever they’re selling, you have to have it; if they asked for donation, you’d give everything that you got, sounds ridiculous but these types of people really exist, and there is something about them that some would just worship the ground that they’d walk on, I’m not sure if it’s their charismatic charm. If it’s in Laos, one would think that the person has Katha Maha Ni Yom, of course, same as any types of Monh, if abused and used for greed, it could backfire and they could become Pee Bpop.

I’ve also heard that many prostitutes also have Monh (magic), which is called Katha ** **, rumor has it that if they slapped ** 3 times, then their ** would be the size of a satellite dish. Say WHAT? Okay, so I might have exaggerated it a bit *chuckles*, but no more than what I’ve heard, and most that I spoke to would have this amusing smiles on their faces, I’m not sure if they were laughing at my facial expressions or the story that they were telling me. There are rules that these women have to follow; I’m not quiet sure what they are, most that I spoke to don’t seem to know them either but if abused or misused their power in anyway, then they could become Pee Bpop. The image of these women that I’m having are sexy ladies, obviously one of the many reasons that would qualify them to be in this profession to begin with, but somehow the image of Pee Bpop, which I’d think should look somewhat like a witch; sort of contradicting wouldn’t you say. When does the switching from beauty to the beast take place? Is it during the day, or nighttime? An alert warning needs to be issued out to those men that like to use this type of service. Which is scarier, being eaten by Pee Bpop or contracting HIV virus? I think at the end, it might be one of the same. This type of Pee Bpop could also be passed down to a younger generation, such as mother to daughter.

If I’m still living in Laos, I’m sure I’d hear more stories about Pee Bpop, but the latest that I’ve heard was that there are some living in the US; hard to believe and one of the funniest rumors of several years back was that they’d travel through telephone lines. This frighten many Laotians living in my area because of Pee Bpop from California which became very high tech, many were afraid to answer their phones. What’s next, the Internet? One thing for sure, you’ll not become Pee Bpop, or get eaten by Pee Bpop from reading this story…coming soon!