Summer Beauty Trend 2007 From Make-Up Guru of Thailand

Summer is just around the corner, of course, most ladies out there are searching for a way to stay beautiful for the summer…so, there must be a secrete out there. If you are going to do it right, you need to hear from the expert, make-up artists of Thailand because their climate is tropical, high both in temperature and humidity in the summer, so they must have special techniques, secretes, and latest trends.

Below is from Kwanruen Magazine, written in Thai language in Healthy Style column/In Trend, translated by Nye.

Latest trend, Last year the hottest color was tan, but this year, it’s more towards white, but not pale white, more of a bright white with a touch of glow, with a blush of fresh color on the cheeks; which was inspired from a porcelain doll.

As for this summer, there’s no need to apply a lot of make up, keep it natural. Try to avoid thick foundation, and use the sheer kind, it’s a plus if it has SPF of at least 15. As we all know, most Asian women have almond eyes, some might think it’s a problem but it’s actually a unique characteristic of Asian women. Sometimes we don’t have to make our eyes to look bigger, we just have to stress and make them more beautiful and appear bigger.





Other shades of color are the warm tone of pastel, such as using pastel orange on the cheeks, and ocean blue eye shadow for the eyes area. Some might prefer a more conservative looks, such as a monotone color or a dreamy color, which help to bring out the summer mood, the feeling of light and airy. For those that still want to look sexy, you can achieve this looks by using 2 colors, and add shiny glow to stress the summer looks, but still have that super sexy new looks.

Overall, the looks for this summer will be fun in the sun, and tones that will stress more of a natural looks with a tough of glow. However, the most important looks of all, don’t forget that happy smile, its part of your beauty.