Spirit of a Poodle – Part II

One day, Yipso ran out to the road, he was trying to catch up with my wife, which she went to a nearby mini-mart to buy some miscellaneous household items. He ran into the on coming traffic, and was hit by a car; his body flew to the curb…

I probably don’t have to tell you what kind of condition my wife was in; how she felt; her scream could be heard all the way to our house. She screamed in horror,

‘Yipso got hit by a car!’

We ran out to see, rushed Yipso to a near by clinic, (you probably wondered if the driver of that car that hit Yipso took any responsibility for his action, can you believe it, he didn’t even stop). The doctor gave Yipso a shot, might have been for pain, and then patch up his wound that he received from the accident. The doctor told us that Yipso had several broken ribs, and was in critical condition, he wanted to keep Yipso overnight for observation because Yipso might not make it. My wife and I both agreed that if Yipso was to die, we want him to die at home; at least he would be closed to his brothers, mom, and dad. The doctor agreed to our request, he told us to put thick layers of fabric for him to lie on; this would help to alleviate some of his pain.

We took Yipso home; we placed several layers of blankets for him to lie on the floor. We sat by his side most of the night, spoke to him as if he was one of us, and can fully comprehend what we were saying to him.

My wife said to Yipso, ‘Are you hurt son…it will be all right, mommy will stay here with you.’

My son then said, ‘Don’t worry Yipso; Seamai will rub some medicine on for you so you won’t feel the pain.’ (One of my sons’ named was Seamai).

We all would take turns talking to Yipso, gave him words of encouragement and comfort, I think deep down inside, those words were for us as well. We all were touched by his response to our words, even though his eyes were practically shut, but his tail was wagging the whole time. At one point, I laid him on my lab, and another, my wife would place his face right next to hers’. We stayed with Yipso until 11 pm; he then drifted off to sleep, so we let him rest.

I went to sleep that night; I dreamed that Yipso jumped up on my bed, licked my face, which was something that he had done in the past, then in my dream he told me,

‘Dad, I have to go now.’

The next morning, my wife came to wake me up, told me that Yipso passed away last night. I repeated in disbelief, ‘Yipso is dead…’, and thought of my dream I had last night, the image of Yipso telling me that he has to go. I got up and went to where Yipso lay; his body was stiff, which meant that he has been dead for several hours. I started to cry, telling you the truth, I couldn’t help myself, and I was sobbing.

When Yipso was still alive, he would be at our side at all times. Either he would sit on my wife’s lap, or sometimes while I’m reading my morning newspaper, and he wanted to get my attention, he would pull on my shirt, looked at me with those shiny eyes, and wagged his tail. I would normally ask, ‘What is the matter son?’ he would then jump on my lap. We all grieved for Yipso, that morning we buried him in our front yard near the fence. We laid his body to a position that we thought would be most comfortable, and then we covered him with dirt.

My wife and I both said, ‘Go to heaven my son.’, and then once again we were crying. Shortly after that, we all came inside the house. I didn’t tell my wife about my dream of Yipso last night because I didn’t want to upset her. Then my wife said to me, ‘Do you think dogs have spirit like human?’ My replied was, ‘They’re living creatures just like us, I don’t see why not.’ My wife looked at me, tears started rolling down her face, she held my hand, as if she was afraid of something, then said, ‘Last night, Yipso’s spirit came to see me in my dream, he told me that he has to go.’ After I heard this, I was in a state of shock, I could feel my hairs raise, goose bumps everywhere; I then told her about the dream that I had last night. We both agreed that Yipso’s spirit came to see us in our dream; it has to be because we both dreamed of the exact same thing, and the statements that Yipso made to us in our dream were the same. I didn’t dare tell anyone else about our dream; it was our little secrete.

Not long after that, we went to Wat (temple) to give offering to the monks. I had the opportunity to ask one of the monks if animals have spirits just like human. The monk told my wife and I that, ‘All living creatures, whether animals or human all have ‘gum’ (sin), which means that all would have spirits, except that the soul of animals are not as kind and focus as human, therefore we often don’t hear about the spirits of animals. For those animals that are highly intelligent, their soul would be much like human, therefore would have spirit just like human. Their spirits would not be any different from human spirits.’

I often thought of what the monk said, and 3 months after Yipso passed away, I had another dream. I dreamed that Yipso was lying right next to me, wagging his tail, and the blanket that was covering him was the blanket that we buried him with. The next morning, I was going to tell my wife about my dream, but guess what, she told me that last night she dreamed that Yipso was lying at the foot of her bed, wagging his tail. I was speechless at first, then teased my wife, ‘maybe he will reincarnate and come back to live with us.’ I didn’t tell her that I also had a very similar dream.

That morning, I went to work as usual, I kept thinking about Yipso. Did his spirit really come to see us in our dream? Finally, that evening, I couldn’t take it anymore, the thought was driving me crazy, and so I told my wife of my dream. At that moment, we both believed 100% that Yipso’s spirit did come to visit us in our dream. Then my wife asked, ‘When and where will we see Yipso?’ All our dogs are males, therefore the chance of him reincarnate with our dogs were none existence. I didn’t have an answer for her, all I said was, ‘I don’t know, but if it’s meant for him to come and live with us, he’ll come.’

Another month passed by, both my wife and I forgot totally about Yipso coming back to live with us. That evening my eldest son came home from college, he was smiling and in his arm was a chocolate pup poodle, looked just like Yipso. My son said to me, ‘Dad, I brought Yipso home.’ My son was just making a statement as most teenagers would, but didn’t really mean what he said. Nevertheless, both my wife and I were elated, we both said, ‘Is he here? He finally comes home!’

After the initial shock and joy, my son told us that the pup belongs to his friend, and his dog at home had a litter of 4 pups, and brought one and gave to him, which this one looked just like Yipso, so he decided to name him Yipso.

We care for him just like our old Yipso, and as he gets older, he has a characteristic just like Yipso, but we didn’t dare tell anyone.

We were afraid that they might think that we are ‘CRAZY!’

Source: Koosang Koosom Magazine written in Thai language by the owner of Yipso, translated by Nye