Different Types Of Prays And Rituals To The Ghost

I’ve been having a lot of problem lately on my posts, especially the ones on ghost story. The last post that I did really bother me because after I posted, the title would show up on the recent posts section, but the post was not there. After hitting a refresh bottom several times, it finally showed up, but when going into my dashboard, the number of post was off by 1 post, which no doubt in my mind it was the recent post on the ghost story. Many thoughts came to my mind, it might be time for me to quit writing and translating about ghost story, which is something I truly enjoy writing about, if that’s the case, I might have to quit writing blog all together.

I thought praying to the ghost before writing would take care of my problems, but it didn’t. I try to recall what types of other rituals that people would perform for the ghost. When I was little living in Thailand, if I remembered correctly; people would dance naked to satisfy the ghost if their wishes were granted. The thought of me having to dance naked in front of people is a bit far fetch, I don’t think it would go very well. Another one that Issan people would do is to dance and sing for the ghost. This might not be a bad idea, I might have to do a bit more research on what types of songs, and dances, I’m sure it’s not your average rock-n-roll, or new age music that I often listen to. Then I recalled writing a post on ‘Living for the dead’, which the Thai southerners would perform a Nora Rong Khru Chao Ban Ritual, which Nora is a performance tradition of dance, drama, and ritual for the ghost. I’ve seen this types of dance before and it would be difficult for me to learn. I couldn’t decide on what I want to do, then I thought, maybe I’ll write to the nice people at WordPress and see what they have to say. I told them of my problems, and this was what I got back last night,

WordPress: ‘Sorry for the problems earlier.’

Okay, I didn’t know what to think so I wrote back,

Me: ‘Was it just me or everyone else also. It seems that every time I posted about ghost story, always happen, I’m beginning to think it’s me.’

Then I got a reply back today,

WordPress: ‘It wasn’t ghosts, it was quite a few people :)’

Wow, which means that I don’t have to dance naked or learn the Nora dance after all, such a wonderful news, wouldn’t want to scare people by my performance. So I wrote back,

Me: ‘Good, I’ll continue to write ghost story. I’m thinking that I might have to perform some sort of ceremony or ritual before writing, asking the ghost for permission, which I did in the past but I think my readers thought I was crazy. Thanks for your reply, it’s good to know ..lol, I thought I was going crazy.’

So… this means that I can continue to write and translate my ghost story, sorry to have disappointed some of you, I guess I won’t be dancing naked any time soon. 😉

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