Nicky..Known as ‘Ghost Kid’, Saw Farang Ghost

I’m back to translate ghost story again, couldn’t stay away, but this time, don’t mind me if I do my little ritual of prayer to the ghost mantle, I don’t want to take my chance this time…’Sa Thu, to the ghost of Ko Ngam, I’m just a translator, please don’t come and haunt me in any shape or form, Sa Thu’ Nye. Anyhow, Original source of this article is in Koosang Koosom Magazine, written in Thai language, translated by Nye.

Nicky, also known as Sura Teerakol, who is a singer, actor of VCD movies and a sexy model in Thailand, told us that he has six senses, especially anything that were chilling, he encountered those all the time.

This was a story told by Nicky…

Stuff like this, I have a very strong sense, I’m not quite sure why, but I’ve seen it all the time, especially In my dreams. It was a bit odd, but I would dream of the same story for weeks, and these dreams usually were very scary. One time, I dreamed of a casket, there was a kid with reddish eyes, just like the movie. The kid started to shake the casket, but the cover was closed, and the noises got louder and louder…in a little while, another kid popped out from the casket, then pushed me inside the casket, to take his place, I was so afraid that I screamed in my sleep, waking everyone up. I often dreamed like this, or something alone this line, until my mom took me to Wat (temple) to ‘Tum Boun’ (offering of charity) to those wandering ghosts, just talking about it gives me goose bumps.

There were one time that was so scary; it was Songkran Festival in 2004, (Songkran Festival is the traditional Thai and Lao New Year, usually around April 7-15th. This is the time for Thai and Lao people to pay homage to Buddha at the Wat (temple), festive events would take place at the ‘Wat’, and also out on the streets where people would splash water to one another, all in good fun, but also quite welcoming because it is at the peak of the hot season), Nick and about 4-5 friends went to celebrate Songkran at Ko Ngam, when we got there, we checked in to our room. (This island is located in the province of Trat, Thailand, with its unique and unusual form is situated directly in front of the south-easternmost end of Ko Chang Marine National Park.)

Later that evening we all came, to hang out by the beach, until about 9 or 10 pm, which most tourist went back to their rooms because there were no electricity on the island, only candles and lanterns. I sat at the beach watching the stars; we all sat by the bon fire, which we were drinking, and having a good time. I started to feel a buzz coming on, looking at the stars, the sky, the views of the island in the dark, then all of a sudden, one of our friend said,

‘Heh! Look at those 2 mountains, this morning they weren’t connected to one another!…Heh, why are there so many poles or sticks at the sailboats.’

Me and my other friends all turned to look, we all saw the same thing, a bit confused, to say that we were drunk and seeing things, that couldn’t have been because some of us didn’t drink at all. By then, we all got scared, but we continued to sit and drink into the night. I later on went to the bathroom, such a coincident that I looked toward the beach, and saw… a lady, she was wearing a long dress. At that time, I thought to myself, maybe I’m seeing things, that it might have been a tree or something, which I didn’t pay much attention to. We all went back to our room shortly after that.

When I got to my room, my girlfriend saw me coming toward her; she was shaken, somehow afraid of me. She closed her eyes and kept saying ‘I’m afraid’, repeatedly, I was confused. I shook her and told her to open her eyes; it’s only me, Nick. She opened her eyes and looked up, and asked ‘a minute ago, who did you come with?’ I told her I was by myself, but she said that she saw me with Farang (white) soldier; he walked toward her and looked very scary. I told her she was crazy, but at that moment, I felt a chill down my spine, I can’t say that my girlfriend was drunk and seeing things because she didn’t drink that night. I went next door to visit one of my friend, told him of what just happened, and talked about what we saw at the beach, many strange things happened, did any of us did anything wrong. My friend thought about it for a moment, then he remembered, early in the evening, he threw the cigarette butt near ‘Son Jour’, (similar to the Ghost/Buddha mantle of the island, a sacred shrine that people worship), but he didn’t do it intentionally.

After we realized, we all went to ask for forgiveness, we didn’t wait until morning; we all went that night because we didn’t want to take our chance, and didn’t know what else might happened. By morning, we ran into the caretaker of the island and asked about the history of the island, he felt a bit uncomfortable and didn’t want to tell us, but eventually he did. He said that Ko Ngam used to be the Farang (white) naval based, they captured many Vietnamese prisoners of war, and many died on this island, both Farang (white) soldiers and Vietnamese prisoners of war.

After we heard this, we all realized…what we saw last night were real; we weren’t seeing things.


  1. i find it interesting that farang ghosts are always the scariest ghosts of them all.

    thanks for sharing!

    and p.s. thanks for all the great stuff from fashion week!

  2. Your comment made me think of a letter that a lady wrote to Koosang Koosom mag., that she was complaining that they didn’t include ghost stories in every magazine, and some weren’t even that scary. This was the comment that she got back from Dumrong, owner of magazine,

    ‘you are very strange, the story of ghost being scary has nothing to do with me, which I’m human, it has to do with the ghost. If you want it to be very scary, you need to go see a scary ghost movie.’

    Which I find it so true, but I’m like her, that’s the first thing that I look for was their ghost stories, I thought I was strange but I guess not.

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