Listen To Music With Your Third Ears

Enya, Only Time

I’m not an expert in music; to try to get my point across might be a struggling. Some people are gifted in music and have a keen sense of hearing. I don’t have that and I’m not going to tell you otherwise, but I love music and I’ll try my best to do justice to the topic.

Music isn’t meant for just our ears only; it’s also the food that nourishes our heart and soul. I’m sure that we all have different taste in music, and to say that one has better taste in music than others is a bit unfair, because that’s measuring music based on our own personal preference and perception. The sound of music varies from one person to the next mainly because of our native to the area, our knowledge in music or instruments, and the one thing that we all can’t deny is our personal taste in music.

I think some of us might have heard the term ‘listening to music with your third ears,’ which means that when we listen to music, it doesn’t just stop at our eardrums, but it continues to travel to other parts of our body. Sounds can create certain types of feeling, whether it’s a chill that runs down our spine, goose bumps that appears on our arms and legs, or happiness that paints a smile on our face. This type of music is so powerful; I personally feel that classical music can creates these feelings, especially instruments such as the violin and piano. However, certain type of music can do the reverse, the loud and obnoxious sound that some might call it ‘music’; can creates irregularity of our heartbeat, and our brain wave, therefore, one should choose music wisely.

If sounds play such an important role in our well being, this worries me a bit because there are so many different types of noise out there that might be poisonous to our body. Whether it’s at the supermarket where you hear people arguing or fighting, office where you hear gossiping, or factory where you hear loud machine noises, and if you have to take this in, day after day, imagine what state of mind you will be in. It doesn’t surprise me one bit why some people are so grumpy, worse they would only listen to music that doesn’t have much rhythm, and words that are degrading and don’t have much meaning. For those that only listen to this type of music for pleasure, little did they know that it could be damaging to their third ears in the end. I think the types of music that would be therapeutic to the third ears are the types that is soothing, the type that will recharge our body and soul.

I personally love Thai classical music, called Ma Ho Ree, the sound of the Thai classical instruments are very soothing, and remind me of my childhood in Thailand. I associate this type of music with festive events, such as events at Wat (temple), or school functions. Some of my favorites are Lao Damnern Sai, Ton Vorachate, Khaek Chern Jao, Kra-Tae, Khaek Toy Mor, and Klen Kra-Tob Fung.

I also like to listen to classical music, but sadly that I don’t listen as much as I like to. I think that most young people don’t like classical music because they think it’s old fashion, but I think that’s their personal opinion, definitely not a professional opinion because music from artist such as Mozart and Beethoven have been around for over a century and yet there’s still a high demand for their musics. I think some people only listen to certain type of music because they want to create certain image of themselves, and classical music is definitely not cool. If that’s the case then I think it wouldn’t hurt to listen to classical music in the privacy of your own home, if you are going to listen to music, why not also listen to the type that will also be beneficial to your third ears.


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