How Drunk Are You?


Yes you're drunk:) photos by nix

This is an interesting article from Koosang Koosom Magazine, written in Thai Language, researched done by Dr. Martini…there are 5 levels of drunkenness.

Level 1: Smart, this is the first level; it seems that you know everything in the universe. Whatever the topic of discussion, you are the expert in those topics, and no one else knows what they are talking about. The facts that others have are incorrect because it’s not the same as what you know.

Level 2: Good Looking, you will discover that you are the best-looking person at the moment. Everyone start to pay more attention to you because you look really good. Of course, you can start a conversation with anyone because at the moment you are good looking and smart.

Level 3: Rich, when you are at this level, you discover that you are the richest person around. You are so rich that you can pick up everyone’s tap at the bar. If anyone said things that you disagree with, you are willing to bet him or her with the monies that you have, which is a lot because you are rich. You are not just rich; you are also smart and really good-looking.

Level 4: Bullet Proof, at the moment you think that you have special power. You would see an elephant the size of an ant, and ready to fight with anyone, because they can’t hurt you. You can bet and pick a fight with anyone because you are not afraid to loose. Why should you? At the moment, you are smart, rich, good looking and have the ability to fight like professional boxer…you are the man.

Level 5: Invisible, this is the top level; you have to be drinking a lot to be at this level. You can do anything that you want because you think that people can’t see you; you are invisible. You can dance on top of a table, drive through a red light, sing in the middle of the busy intersection, pee on the light pole, because no one can see you. You are no longer you.

What about you? When you are drunk, what level are you? Do you know your limit? Please drink responsibly, and don’t drink and drive.


  1. hahaha, this is actually quite interesting. 😀
    The last thing was a little scary though….

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