ELLE Fashion Wk 2006-Part V

Continued from ELLE Fashion Week-Part IV


headquarter.jpg headquarter1.jpg headquarter2.jpg headquarter3.jpg headquarter4.jpg

HEADQUARTER for Ford Focus, November 4, 2006, 20.00 – It’s a winter collection, mix and match in the form of Deconstruction, which used uniform in a different way. There are three designers; Sutchai would stress more toward weekend wear giving the feeling of Hawaii. Mai would stress more on military style. Chai would stress more toward the Green House Effect.

27friday.jpg 27friday1.jpg 27friday2.jpg 27friday3.jpg 27friday4.jpg

27 FRIDAY, November 5, 2006, 14.00 – By Chanachai Jareeyathana, his collection stressed more on feminine, mix and match. This collection was called Sparkling Sahara, inspired by the desert, which turn golden when hit by sun light, and the sparkling of the night stars that you can see with your naked eyes at the desert.

alisa.jpg alisa1.jpg alisa2.jpg alisa3.jpg alisa4.jpg

ALISA B., November 5, 2006, 16.00 – by Doungpon Bounyaginda, her work stressed more on feminine, sexy, and self-confident. Each outfit was unique in its own way.

nagara.jpg nagara1.jpg nagara2.jpg nagara3.jpg nagara4.jpg

NAGARA, November 5, 2006 ,18.00 – by Nakorn Somphantharak, he stressed more toward the Southeast Asian look which he used bold colorful silk fabric for evening wear.

boudoir.jpg boudoir1.jpg boudoir2.jpg boudoir3.jpg boudoir4.jpg

BOUDOIR, November 5, 2006, 20.00 – Dichya Pragopsontisouk, Started with lingerie, then followed by clothing for women, stressed on Boneing Built. Her collection consisted of jewelry as well.

End of Show



A special thanks to Mr. Nattawat (Jade) Chearananta, at, Photographer and writer in Thai language for Event.

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  1. Hi Nye,
    Nagara’s fashion line is so pretty. Some of these designs remind me of Thai & Lao inspired outfits. And the textile used by Nagara is also very pretty. It looks luxurious yet light and playful too.

    Thanks again for sharing all these pics with us.

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