Who or What Control our Destiny.

If you ask this question in a forum or a chat room, ‘who or what control our destiny.’ Try it and you’ll see that the answers varies, everyone will have their own answer, and I don’t think there are any right or wrong answers because we all think differently. Some might say ‘destiny, horoscope, Borp (past sin), Boun (good sin), environment, economy, government, money, love, encouragement, family, job, and yourself.’

Personally I think we control our own destiny because everyday, we have to make decision on our daily lives such as ‘if you like this, if you want to do this’, which ultimately we have to make that decision ourselves. I think there are many things that go into our decision making process, whether it’s our thinking, life experiences, emotion, reasoning, or hope (whether intentional or unintentional.)

The important thing about decision-making process is that after you make that decision, you either do or don’t do what you’ve decided. There’s a simple rule that I usually follow, which is if I’m doing something good and it’s a benefit to me and others, then its okay to do it repeatedly. Nevertheless, if it’s something that I did and nothing good comes out from it, then I stop at what I’m doing, it’s pointless, why waste my time and energy. Bottom line, I’m responsible for my own actions, I’ve seen all the time where people would decide to do something and when things don’t go as plan, then they’d blame others for it. If you’ve decided to do something and better things come along, I believed that it’s okay to change your mind and go with something better. You have the right to change your mind as long as it doesn’t hurt others.

Making a decision is a social skill that most of us have and it determines how smart we are as an individual. Some people will not make any definite decision for the rest of their lives, when asked, they’ll say, ‘it’s up to you, doesn’t matter, what ever, let just wait, we’ll give it a try, etc.’ and they would live their lives day by day and let others to make decision for them. Their slogan in life is ‘whatever’s going to happen will happen.’ There are many people like this in our society. If I have to do a comparison, it’s like getting on a train or a bus but don’t know your stop or can’t decide where to get off. The feeling that they have is lonely, afraid, no self confident, and emptiness. It must be sad to live this way.

How smart you are as an individual is in your decision making process, just because you are book smart doesn’t mean that you are a smart person. I’ve seen all the time that the book smart one would make ridiculous decision, some might be afraid to make any decision at all. These people are good at criticizing others, find faults in others, and think that what ever other’s decision is wrong. I’ve personally encountered many like this in the past and still have to deal with these people presently and I’m sure in the future.

Decision making process needs practice just like everything else in life. The more we decide on things, the better we become at it. There’s simple rules that I go by, what ever I’ve decided on and if the outcome is good or bad, I’m responsible for it and can’t blame anyone else but myself. If it doesn’t come out like the way I like, there’s no rule that said that I can’t decide on something else. Last but most important thing, what ever my decisions are, I try to think of others as well, and not my way is the highway 😉